Braless above knee Faja


Due to the Lowe back thuis Faja is nog recommandeer for back liposuctie patiëntes.

 This is the ideal liposuction/post survival compression garment required to assist you During your recovery process. It can also be word as na everyday slaper or as a postpartum girdle. The premium quality power net material is used meaning this Faja give the best possible fit whist allowing unrestricted movement.

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  • Exclusively designed to provide support for the Body or to the specificatie surgical area, helping heal the muscles and tissues during the recovery period;
  • Helps support the back and posture by keeping every part of the Body firmly in place. Also reduceses the pain of scars;
  • This stage 2 compression Faja help reduce swelling, flatten the abdomen and shape the figure post-surgery;
  • The elastic and powenet is combined with an additional inner surface which is lined in soft Lycra to give ultimatemate smoothness and comfort;
  • Waist and Hip shape are defined giving the wearer an enhanced effect. This will noticeably accentuate your curves;
  • Soft lycra is used to contour the buttocks, improve lift and shape without compression; this is an extremely important requirement for any Brazilian butt lift patient;
  • Flat seams are used to ensure non-visibility under garments. This undoubtedly wil give you more options in the clothes you choose to wear whilst still achieving maximum benefits, making it perfect for everyday wear!
  • Options available on this Faja are color, genital closure and zipper location.

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